Sunday, 11 October 2015

Pheasants (20151008) The trees are not the only things turning colour in the fall

As autumn contines to move forward here in Nova Scotia the decidious trees are turning colour. The young ring-necks are getting the colours too.
I was actually surprised to find the mature male was chasing momma around the woods on Thursday. Here he is showing off his facial wattle. Its unbelievable how easily the hen's can hide in full sight.
Quite often the pheasants are joined by  number of other birds. This feeding buddy is a slightly leucistic crow. It has a few pale feathers on its neck and head, and one vey pale tail feather. I have yet to capture that tail feather successfully.
Here is a shot of the only female juvenile in this family group. She is a beautiful looking bird.
On the Saturday morning I was given the privileged of spending a little time with youngster. He will be breeding in the spring if he survives the winter, and can attract a hen or two:)
I wasn't the only company that this fellow was allowing in his presence. Here he is with a Blue Jay buddy.
Here the two of them are doing a little posing for the camera, a terrific morning!
Then "Reddy" the squirrel put in an appearance. This little rooster just seemed to want to share his breakfast with anyone that wanted to show up.
 I has been a gereat couple of mornings in the back yard. I also took a short video of this youngster where he does a little preening and a wing flap that is supposed to accompany a spring time "crow", you can see it here. This week, put a little wild in your life!