Thursday, 12 March 2015

Swift Fox Special post (20150311) An endangered specie post

While I focus my energies on wildlife and finding animals in the wild I have been provided with an opportunity that I just couldn't pass up. In the past I have had dealings with the Cochrane Ecological Insititute (CEI). Please have a look at their Facebook page: CEI . They have been working to re-introduce the Swift Fox to Canada and the United States. They have a 20 acre enclosure where they allow the foxes their freedom. It is in this enclosure that I have been able to capture the following images and videos over the past couple of days.
This fox received its name from the speed it is able to attain on the full run. It has been clocked at over 60kph which is quite a feat for an animal only 12 inches tall.
These nocturnal creatures are not often out in the daylight so these shots were taken in late evening and as such are of poor quality, but I thought I would share them with you.
It was a joy to see this critter on the run, was an impressive burst of speed!
This next "dog" was quite a bit closer. I was very happy to get this shot before it disappeared as quickly as it showed up.
The evening wrapped  up with last shot. The fox laid down right there for a while then moved to the other end of the small den enclosure you see in the shot.
What a special occasion!  So I had to go back the next night to see if I could get more images. The wind was up and these little fellas don't like the wind. I did get a little bit of video that I will share here. The first is of the wind bothering the senses of one of these little critters, see it here.
This next video is when this fox decides to get up and move, check out the body skake as it leaves the sun. My last video of the evening is pretty late in the evening, when all of a sudden a second fox appears and settles in for a bit of a nap. You can see the other fox all curled up on the left side of the frame. These video's are best viewed full screen. I hope that you enjoy them. To understand more of the small wonders see the fact sheet here.
I hope you enjoy these! This week, put a little wild in your life!

Another timely link, Thanks to Mike Kelly for the link.


  1. What a cool little fox Turbo - great shots and info!!!

  2. Thank you Paul Turbitt, for your "Swift Fox Special post"..very informative and lovely Videos to know more of these Swift Foxs....!!