Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Northern Goshawk, GHO, Red-breasted Nithatch(201612-early) Some shots from around the house.

Len was out to assist me in getting my new workbench set up in the garage. "New" is a relative term as it was the temporary countertop from our kitchen reno. Anyway, Len, Deb and I are standing in the new kitchen reno when, "WHAM", we all looked at each other, then "WHAM" again. We look out the window to see a hen pheasant trying to get away from a hawk. Now to be totally honest, I didn't see the hawk, but I did see the pheasant. It had hit our kitchen window hard, twice. Then Deb and Len lean out and look and say " there's the hawk!" So I run for my camera, downstairs, then start thinking "if it's on the eavestrough out the kitchen window, I need a smaller lens!". So upstairs I run to get the back up with the 18-105mm lens. As I pick it up I see this beautiful juvenile Northern Goshawk land on the back deck. So I take several shots, only these two are any good.

A new yard bird today! The hen pheasant was fine, as I went out to check on her she flew off. Then not to long after the Goshawk followed. Here is the second image.

I am going to throw in here a shot of a Great Horned Owl that Mom and I found while out in the country in December. We had a quick fly by of an owl the week before with no opportunity to grab a shot. On this day I was able to get the camera on this beauty as decided to stop in a tree.

I also include here a couple of shots here from around the house, this first is a nice female Hairy Woodpecker on the suet feeder.

Here too is a nice little Red-breasted Nuthatch.

Now its time for some the beautiful Pheasants that are seen around the house all year round. Here is a male with a couple of his ladies in the back yard.

This next shot is of a male that I took out the front window. He was eyeing up the barberry fruit.

This brings me up to the Christmas Holidays as far as timeframe here on the blog. Hopefully I don't ever fall this far behind again. Take some time today and put a little "wild" in your life!


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