Monday, 31 December 2012

Big Buck, Last outing of the year. (121230)

With a slow, sunny, morning; just lounging around with the kids. I was probably an hour late getting away from the house for a quick trip down to FCPP, I've learned that when the women folk are cooking and baking; get out to their way! I am experimenting on the best way to lug by big lens around with us when the walks start up again in January. As always the Chickadees and Nuthatches were immediately around.
One of my reasons for heading down here today was to see if I could find one or more of the GHO's that reside in the area. I found a pair, only the male was available for "photo's". Here is the Sentinel.
I have forgotten how difficult these little birds are to capture, they are constantly on the move.
As I made my way down to the river I was surprized by the number of Mallards that were present. Here is a shot of probably 1/3 of the birds. I was also disappointed at how the sun had been hidden by a thick layer of clouds.
Whenever you get Mallard concentratins like this, the Eagles are not far away. I saw three eagles, I should have had some photo's but my experimentation moves cost me those opportunities. I spied three doe Whitetails trying to snooze away the afternoon, that reminded me of the secondreason I headed down here today. Earlier this fall I got some long distance shots of a 10 point buck, I was hoping to get another look at him, and perhaps get into position for some better shots. My attention was rewarded as I spied him in this thicket.
He moved across an open field to where he found some extra protection with this little buck. there is nothing like an extra set of ears and eyes to help keep you safe (no crop).
I thought that I would throw in another shot of the big fella. He has a couple of "kicker" nubs at the base of his atlers that might actually make him a 14 pointer.
That was a great wrap up to the walk. I hope everyone has a super "Happy New Year!". I have had an exceptional year, and hope that 2013 is even better.

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