Sunday, 4 January 2015

Bull moose, Rough-Legged Hawk (20141231) Some new roads on New Years Eve.

Well back in Alberta and anxious to get back into the woods. So Jamie and I discussed doing a little investigation into some new roads and we headed out to see what we might find. Our very first new road produced. Just a klic in and we found this Whitetail buck with a couple of lady friends.
Some Blue Jays tempted us for a bit, but nothing I shot was worth posting. We also spotted a Coyote, but no images captured. We then found this nice bull moose heading south next to the road. We managed to get ahead of him and then waited about 20 minutes for him to cross the road. We had also gained some beautiful light to make this great looking fellow "shine".
This was a terrific encounter worth the wait. We had the opportunity of getting this guy crossing the road at a pretty close distance. This was shot at 250mm.
Here is my truck, photobombing yet another wildlife specie. How does it always manage to get into the frame?
We watched as this big fella walked across a stretch of frozen water that I wasn't certain would hold his weight, but he never hurried or hesitated.  We kept an eye on him as he walked into the sun giving us this opportunity of a back-lit shot.
Well that is an idea of our bull moose encounter. Our next subject was a small group of Chickadees. This Mountain was the highlight for me.
Then a couple of Blue Jays put in an appearance. This isn't a very good BIF shot, but I will post it anyway.  Jamie liked that it didn't show any Blue!
An hour later and another group of Chicky's this time I selected a Boreal to feature. I like how his feet have not yet let go of the branch.
We were also privileged to find a number of Rough-legged Hawks through the day. This bird was quite cooperative. It looked like he wanted to fly off with the pole, lines and all.
Here is a wing shot of a RLH that I am pretty happy with. I will wrap this post up with this shot. We had a SUPER day on some new roads, showing us it still pays to explore.
It is a new year. Put a little wild in your life, you will feel better for it.

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