Sunday, 2 October 2016

Song Sparrow, Blue-headed Vireo, Palm Warbler. (20160928) An outing to a new area for turtles.

I ducked out of the house quickly this morning as I noticed little birds out in the front bushes. Unfortunately all I could find was this little Song Sparrow to get a photo of. I shouldn't say unfortunately at all.
A few days later Clarence offered to show me another turtle area so we headed out on a little 5 kilometer stroll. While we found a fair amount of turtle sign, no little critters were found. We did manage to happen upon a small band of Warblers. I was happy to grab a few shots, like this Palm Warbler.
And this might be my only Blue-headed Vireo I have been able to capture this year. The light was pretty bad, so I am happy with these.
While I wasn't able to capture the Blackpoll Warbler, which would have been a blog first, I did manage an okay image of this young Northern Parula.
While no turtles were found we did spot this beautiful young American Toad.
Here is another more natural environment shot of this little toad which shows its back very nicely.
We also found a new caterpillar for me. This little fellow needs to be identified by Clarence. And he has done so St. Lawrence Tiger.
We both had some wonderful "wild" life added out our life, how did you do?

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