Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Golden Eagle, Rough legged hawk (20141012) Taking a look for GGO's

My little girl has yet to spend any time with a Great Grey so we headed out for a couple of hours in the morning while Deb was getting Thanksgiving dinner ready. The morning was moving pretty slowly, but we did spot a couple of Rough Legged Hawks, this was a particularly dark morph.
So I showed the kids where we spotted the fox kits and where I was when I found the Lynx as well. On our way back through the area we found this beautiful specimen walking on the road.
He wasn't sticking around for any sort of discussion. Then, in an area, where I have always expected to find moose, we were rewarded with a pair of cows. This, I believe, is the younger of the two, perhaps the larger one's calf from last year. A very healthy looking unit!
What I expect was this moose's mother was out in the open a little more. It looks as though she has survived a wolf attack. Check out her rear haunches.
We were on the way home and happened upon a small flock of small birds. Our discovery was that they were birds that we found flying northward in the spring, American Tree Sparrows.
We were feeling a little bummed that we didn't manage to find any Owls, when we were able to grab a couple of images of the "catch of the day"!
This Golden Eagle was being harassed by a couple of Ravens. They were trying to get the bird to drop its lunch. You can see its lunch here in its talons as it flew overhead.
The Golden was another bird that Laurel was hoping to get a look at, so I ended up doing okay in her books. We headed home feeling pretty good, and Thankful for our great encounters today. I expect that everyone will be thankful for the wildlife opportunities that are brought our way all year long!

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