Saturday, 4 October 2014

Moose, Deer, Roughlegged (20141004) How does a Moose jump a fence?

Some discussions through last evening about where to go and what to do today all changed when I made a small suggestion this morning. Jamie picked me up on time and we headed into K-Country. Things were a little dry until we found this nice Moose who provided us with at slo-motion opportunity to shoot how a Moose jumps a fence. First up- you have to rest your chin on the barbed-wire to measure the height.
Next you bring your hind legs in closer to your front legs so you will have some pushing power.
Now you have to lean back a little by lifting your head and start to bring your front legs off the ground.
Step four, both front feet start to move together and the rear end is getting loaded up!
Here is where the power of those shorter hind legs comes into play. This is an animal that likely weighs in at between 600 and 800 pounds, and he makes it look easy.
With the tough work over, as his front feet start to come down the rear legs start to come up and just follow that tall front end.
After that it is just stroll around the country side as usual!
We were thoroughly entertained by this up-and-comer. We were all set to get some real close up material, when I messed up and accidently spooked him. He trotted off, and we thought we wouldn't see him again, when I asked him very nicely to stop (in my best moosey femine voice) and he complied.
Just a short half mile up the road was this little fork horn Muley.
Oddly enough his traveling companion today was this little Spike buck Whitetail.
Our next encounters were all birds, like this young Redtail Hawk that allowed us to get closer than usual to this specie.
Our next bird is a first of the season Rough Legged Hawk. It is always great to find these birds that move in when the ever popular Swainson head south.
The dark "elbow" patches are the tell tale signs of these "winter hawks" that will be with us until the spring.
That will wrap us for today. While we didn't have the numbers we would have liked today the wind was up and the critters were wary. Here's hoping you get to spend a little time with wildlife this weekend.

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