Monday, 27 October 2014

Nuthatch, GHO, Woody (20141013) FCPP a quick walk

I have been remiss in getting out a couple of posts so I thought I better get them posted, before I get too far behind. With the kids visiting, Neil suggested we give the ladies some time to themselves so I took him down to Fish Creek for a bit of a wander. The light was less than ideal, but we can always find a little something to shoot. Here is a female Whitebreasted Nuthatch.
Not too far away was its mate, the male. If you take a look at the two shots together, you can see how her head is a more grey, where as his black neck continues right up and over his head.
A Downy Woodpecker was also in the area and very cooperative, giving us some of his time while he picked up some food as well.
Of course the Blackcapped Chickadee is a perennial favourite. They seem to be the leaders of these multi-specie flocks of birds.
One of my targeted birds to show Neil while we were down there was a Great Horned Owl. As it turns out he wasn't disappointed as this bird was spotted in an area we had previously walked right under!
We also found a Redtail Hawk, a couple of Whitetail deer and some ducks including a Greenwing Teal. Here is another image of out GHO.
While were we only gone a couple of hours, we had a great walk and bumped into some of our "winter" birds just a little earlier than I normally go looking for them. Get out somewhere soon and spend some time in the outdoors!

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