Monday, 22 December 2014

Eagles, Bucks, Shrike (20141222) A horseless adventure into wild horse country

It was a slow morning and we (Jamie, Tim and I) were trying to get into wild horse country early. I was a little tardy so we were running probably 20 minutes late. We passed up on some Pine Grosbeaks, and we skipped investigating a Coyote or two. We stopped for a couple of Chickadees with no luck and we did some serious investigation into what looked like a pair of cougars traveling together. We decided on a different route and started to spot a this Golden eagle soaring on by.
It landed in this tree for a couple of minutes we were discussing an approach when it decided to leave us.
Then just down the road another 5 minutes  we spotted a second of these majestic birds.
Our next encounter was a group of Muley Bucks. You can see why a dominant animal will surround himself with smaller bucks after the rut. He needs time to rest and the his new "friends" are meant to ensure no danger goes unnoticed.
There were 6 or 7 bucks in this group here are the two largest of the herd.
The sharp eyes of Tim spotted these nice Whitetail bucks at the very back of the same field. It seems like the bucks were popping up like blades of grass :) This is only three of the four that were traveling along the edge of the woods.
We made a pass through the "L" road but it was very late and the buffalo were out.
On a second pass through I grabbed this shot of one of the largest bulls.
I'll finish this post off with a shot of a Northern Shrike taken very late in the evening.
Put a little wild in your life as soon as you can!

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