Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Winter birds, whitetail deer (20141202 and 05) A couple of trips to a city park

While I have been down to the park a couple more times to try and capture images of the Weasel. I have learned that shooting on cloudy days doesn't produce the best results of that little subject so I tend to head down anytime it is sunny. While down there the local birds always come to visit. This little male Downy shows off his colour.
Of course the Black-capped Chickadee always makes an appearance, there are many of these little beauties in the area.
Then usually as well there will be a female Downy or two. This little bird was just great to spend some time with.
I think Mom would be upset if I didn't throw in a shot of the White-breasted Nuthatch.
Unfortunately no Weasel appearance on this occasion. On a separate trip down, when sun was  forecasted to appear, but didn't was also Weasel-less. We were treated to a small herd of Whitetails. This is a Mom with her daughter and a "button" buck from another doe.
This little "fork horn" seemed very interested in the younger doe, they spent a little time nuzzling over the fallen aspen.
Then the dominant buck made his appearance. As I noted last year it is common for a large buck to pair up with a younger buddy for the winter. This provides the mature animal with a little more protection in the form of another pair of eyes, ears and nostrils.
Interesting to note the antlers on this fella. While he has a very nicely formed conventional antler on his left, his right antler is lacking one tine, and his typical brow tine has appeared way down by his eye. He was quick to identify the younger doe as a potential mate.
Just a little further up the trail he had the opportunity to "test" her receptiveness. you also get another look at the short misplaced brow tine in this image.
I don't expect the interest was to continue as the Bucks and Does separated for the evening. So even though the Weasel failed to appear we spent more than hour with these fine ungulates! Put some wild in your life this weekend!

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