Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Snowy Owl (20141214) A little bit more of newly observed behaviours

After a terrific 40 minutes with a Snowy and Northern Goshawk we were feeling pretty good. While our numbers were down below normal we new our day was not yet over so we "endevoured to persevere!" Our next owl sighting wan yet another first for me as I have never found an owl on a fence line with cattle in the field.
Our next bird was on our south side and almost directly under the sun. We backed up to get shots of it on the fence and were about to leavewhen it flew towards us. We sat and watched as it hunted on the frozen pond amongst the bullrushes.  Love the large feet!
It was amzing to watch as it worked the edge. Every now and then it would fly a little closer.
It was great to get the chance at a few more landing shots.
Then to top our little encounter off, this fine specimen flew to a telephone pole right next to us so we could get a better, up close, look.
Our next couple of birds we picked up on the road home. I thought I spied a bird down a road a bit. As we swung down towards our target we found another bird in the field, we took some shots but thought that it would likely be there on our return. This is the nice white beacon I spotted from quite a distance away.
This beaty flew out towards the road on the way home so we decided to go back and grab the ground bird.
Then we took advantage or the positioning of the two birds and were able to get both in the same frame. This doesn't very happen very often for me.
Next up was this nice looking Coyote, blending in superbly with the grass.
I suggested we try one more short road for a quick look, and we weren't disappointed. We found this herd of bachelors lazying in one of the fields.
We waited around for a bit and they decided to cross the road. Here are three of the boys taking a little jog.
Up the road a little further and here is the harem master with his 40+ ladies in tow.
We turned around at the end of the roand and on the way out I spied this young GHO. This is in the same bush as one of the spring nests. This youngster hasn't strayed too far from what it knows as "home".
Well that certainly topped off our day with our ninth owl. What a terrific wildlife day. If you get out Calgary look me up, we will put a little wild in your life!

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