Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Elk, Moose, Wild Horse (20150208) A morning run out with Russell

It has been quite a while since Russell and I went out with just the camera's and he wanted to get caught up on some things.  We discussed our options and headed out on a "North west track". He was anxious as ever to get out so I met him at 7:00, and we were off. We nicely got started with low light, we had already turned around on our first road. We pulled over to let a faster traveling vehicle pass when I "broke the ice" and spotted a fox, no photos though. Our next encounter was quite a bit more numerous and we had a lot of time for images.
A few of the 2-300 head of elk in this herd. Then right next to us on the east side of the road we had these 3 late-comers to the party.
So things on the day were looking pretty good. We found a couple of Rough-legged hawks that were pretty skitish. Then, as it often seems to happen lately, I said to Russell "watch right here on the left, it is a good spot for moose.". Certainly enough there was a cow moose.
While we were taking images at least four others were visible moving about back in the trees! Up around the corner and down off the hill and we stopped for our first cup of tea. There we were joined by 3 or 4 Borel chickadees. The light was still pretty poor.
A few more Roughies and we were well out of town when I found this cow moose.
As it turns out there were two of them.
Our next find was a critter that I believe Jamie, Kerri and I had spotted a couple of weeks ago and were unable to get any acceptable shots. Here is our only Wild horse of the trip.
It was nice to see the sun out for a bit. We were unable to find either of the owls (Great Grey or Northern Hawk) from the trip a couple of weeks ago, but we did find a flock of about 10-12 Grey Jays.
We spent quite a bit of time with this little troop hoping for them to get into the sun for us. We didn't have much luck, but I kind of like this flight shot.
On our return journey we spotted this little critter. Try as I might I couldn't turn it into a bobcat.
That wrapped up another terrific outing with Russell. Closer to town the elk were still out in the farmer's field but the heat shimmer being produced by the sun didn't allow for quality images. Make certain that you put a little wild in your life this week.

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