Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Ruffed Grouse, Chickadees, (20150216) Being a passenger for change

Tim and Jamie were continuing their testing on Family Day Monday so I decided to jump into the backseat and do a ride-a-long. Our run was to swing out to the North-west. We spotted this Roughie pretty early on in poor light.
On our next little side road Jamie did a great job of spotting this cow moose.
At then end of the road we grabbed a cup of tree and some shots of the local Boreal Chickadees. It is just too bad about the poorly placed branch.
On the cruise out the road we also found this young bull. It is likely last years calf, but he is getting all the markings of a handsome dude.
Jamie was the spotter once again. He hauled over as there were a couple of Red Crossbill's on the road. While we stopped we had some Mountain Chickadees put in an appearance.
Next up I made a huge mistake in forecasting the route an Eagle was going to take. I said, "he aint headed this way at all", but he did.
Our next little encounter included a few more Boreal's.
Then on one of the roads that Jamie selected to explore we foudn some Blue Jays.
On the way home I suggested a side road and on the way out I spotted this beauty that we spent some time with.
We are cruising along when Jamie backs up as he had spotted another grouse to shoot. The light conditions were pretty bad, but as it turns out there were two of them. Here is a shot of the what I believe is "her".
The day was getting finished up when we found the third of the Chicky's!
We spent about an hour with this last bird. With the "golden hour" light and a bird that was singing it heart out we were hoping that it would move in closer to give us some shots. That never happened, so you have to settle for a cropped long-distance shot.
It was a fabulous day with a lot of opportunities presented. I owe Tim and Jamie a huge THANK YOU for allowing me to tag along. This week put a little wild in your life!

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