Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Three toed woodpecker, squirrel, Northern Pygmy Owls (20150128) A local park evening walk.

With some fine weather being forecast Tim and I agreed to take a little stroll in the late afternoon to see if there were any subjects willing to cooperate. We just nicely got started when we found a fellow photog who had eyes on this Three-toed Woodpecker.
Here is another image showing the lighter back. If this had of been all black this would have been a Black-backed woodpecker, a very distinct field mark.
In some of the heavy spruce we were able to find this red squirrel the light was pretty bad, but we shoot what we find:)
Next up we found a mixed flock, as is often the case of Chickadees and Nuthactches. Tim was shooting the White-breasted while this Red-breasted was my subject of choice.
Of course, as I have already voted the Black-capped Chickadee to be Canada's bird, I have to throw a shot of one of these birds in too:)
Making our way back to the vehicles we could hear a Northern Pygmy Owl calling. So we made our way over to where there were some other folks shooting this bird.
It was a long way up, but the blue sky made it irresistable to shoot. We grabbed some shots and moved along. And, we were glad we did. We arrived in the parking lot where there was a second NPO posing for folks.
Here is another shot, showing this little angel complete with its halo :) Unfortunately the sun had gone down behind the horizon and it is a little duller.
A terrific way to end a fabulous walk. Tim was very pleased as he had a chance to try out his newest lens again. I am hoping he might share an image so I can include it here. Put some wild in your life, share it with a friend, you will both be the better for it!

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