Monday, 13 July 2015

20150419 Mountain Chickadee, Jackson?, water birds, frogs.

Well another fabulous day in Alberta, and Tim and I are off to enjoy it fully! As the discussion arose surrounding where to go; the Ranch was the answer. The Sharptails have been avoiding us this year to some extent, and were disappointed again this morning. A nice surprise was this Coopers Hawk as a consolation.
This is likley the last time we will get to spend any more time with this cow moose, we have seen her several times in this area, she will be missed.
Up around the corner we spent a little time with this Montain Chicky.
Then to our surprise we spotted what may be Action Jackson, right back on his same log. If it is, he has lost a toe on his leftt foot.
Our ride out netted us a Boreal to add to the day. The Ranch was producing for us yet again.
With a fair bit of good daylight left we decided to head over to the Frank Lake area and see what else might be floating around, our first spot were some Avocets.
 Next up we grabbed some images of the Coot, a nice male with his forehead marking.
Tim has always had a soft spot for the Northern Pintails, so we stopped and grabbed a few images.
It is always great to catch a Bald Eagle flyby, this juvenile looks like is one year, maybe two from sporting its white head.
We came up on these Cinnamons pretty quickly and almost missed them all together. But we amanged to get stopped and grab a couple of images.
While we were shooting these colourful ducks, the local group of frogs made their presence known. So we set about to try and find the singers.
Here is a female guarding two cluthes of eggs.
And like any good star, this subject was ready for a close-up.
We had a terrific day with some fine Alberta sunshine. I will miss some of these places when I get out east! Turbo

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