Thursday, 16 July 2015

20150426 Great greys(5), Kinglets. Solitaires

With my departure date confirmed as May 1, Tim was determined that we would get one last run out together, and I was happy to oblige as usual:) We headed out to GVR for a last trip hoping to find a pine marten once again.Our first owl was spotted @ 6:10 a.m. a little too early in April to get good images, but it was a super start to the day. A half hour later we found a small herd of 12-15 elk. Next was a late season Rough-legged, then a couple of moose made an appearance on my favourite: the L road. A quarter to 8:00 we found another moose, then came our encounter with a Ruby-crowned Kinglet, a bird I haven't shown here for some time.
Next up is a Red-tailed Hawk that looked just super in the bright morning sun.
Our next owl was just a fabulous subject. Here is an image that I grabbed early in the session.
We probably spent more than 40 minutes with this fine bird. As Tim had recently purchased a Nikon, I lent him my big Sigma, and I tried out his new Tamron 150-600. I was very happy to be able to find some colour for background for this next shot.
Here it is banking hard to atach something on the ground.
Last yeatr Tim, Jamie and I were treated to a swimming Green-winged Teal not too far from where we found this georgeous bird on this day.
Next up we spent some time shooting this pair of Townsend's Soitaires, this is a bird I will be definitely miss living on the east coast.
A little later in the day we found the "other" Kinglet, the Golden-crowned, and managed to grab a few images.
Next up was another GGO, and this unit was also VERY cooperative as Tim and I were able to switch Camera's, lenses and moved into several different positions as this bird just sat and rested.
Here is a little more of a close-up of this fine specimen!
About 2 miles up the road we found yet another owl, the fifth of the day sitting in a field. It popped up into a tree at the backend of the opening. We were able to get some shots but this post is getting long enough. Along with the Solitaires and Great greys, I will end this post with yet another beautiful bird I will dearly miss on the east coast, the Mountain Bluebird.
So we had a phenominal day for our last outing. Tim was once again fabulous to spend time with, it was tough to say "good-bye". Sorry for the delay in getting these posts out on the blog.  Turbo

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