Tuesday, 29 January 2013

A supplemental to my post of 20130125

I'd like to thank Zel for graciously providing me with permission to post some of the images he captured on Friday during our outing. He was using a 35mm lens and was doing more chronicling of my activities and the environments that we were enjoying than grabbing the close up portraits of our targets then I. He is a great shot of me trying to get the first owl of day. If you look down the fence line you can see the owl. Blue sky, sun, mostly great conditions, we would have liked to had the sun behind us:)
This next shot shows the "metal" male, this is the highest perch I have ever seen a Snowy on. This time the bird is on the right side of us. He was far enough that I felt very secure in bringing out the tripod to add to the stability of the shot.
Here is a shot of me getting out second last bird of the day, another beautiful near all white male. I have decided to not crop any of these photo's.
Zel also managed to grab a great shot of the "Beast" this is the best looking moose licked truck in the country.
I thought that I would throw in a photo of where we had lunch. Zel is a madman when it comes to taking photos.
If you would like to see more of Zel's great images just take a trip to his Picassa site.
Again, I'd like to thank Zel for his willingness to share these images via the blog.

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  1. no cropping needed, was thrilled to be reminded of the big sky country :)