Friday, 25 January 2013

Snowy Owl Prowl (20130125)

Sorry for the delay in getting an update out, but I have been under the weather the last couple of weeks and have been staying in bed. Today has been the first opportunity to get out. With some interesting "findings" last week on the morning walks. So Tim, Zel and I headed out looking for the Northern Pygmy Owl. It was a beautiful morning, but we had no luck with that target. But like all our city parks there is a regular cast of characters willing to step up and fill in.
After the entertain provided by Chickadees and Nuthatches we ran into some lady Pine Grosbeaks.
With a strike out with this target and a beautiful day filling the sky, Zel and I decided to head out looking for Snowy owls. We were able to spot one prior to lunch time.
We stopped in the "Dining Car" grabbed some burgers and beverages and headed back out on the road. Our brief interlude to have some chow paid off dividends early. We were able to capture this fine specimen, but he was on the top of a very tall set of metal poles.
Our next mature male was a little more cooperative, but every bit as impressive.
Here he is on a slightly different post. I think his eyes might be a little better revealed in this shot.
We wrapped up today's journey with this almost cooperative bird. This Snowy looked considerably smaller than the others.
We'll have to see what if anything we can do for an encore tomorrow. I've missed getting out and finding critters.

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