Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Boreal Chickadee My first Sunday walk this year (20130127)

We headed out to Griffith Woods today, this week there has been quite a bit of "action" in the area. There has been an American Three Toed woodpecker male spotted on several days, and on Wednesday there was a juvenile Cougar spotted.  Today I am afraid it was a much more boring session. The one bright spot in the day were the Boreal Chickadees.
I took my first shots of these little birds last year, and have been waiting for an opportunity to improve the quality of my shots ever since. We actually ran into more Boreal's today than I have ever seen before.
Our initial sighting was early in the morning and we eventually found some pretty nice light that provided excellent opportunity.
I love these little birds, it is hard to believe that it took me fifty years of living in Canada to find them.
I hope that you too enjoy their delicate colouring.

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