Thursday, 11 July 2013

Swainson, Butterflies, GGO (20130710) An evening cruise with Nephew Al

With the nephew visiting from T.O. he wanted to get out for a "track". He and I had great luck last year around this time with Moose and Grizzly bears, alas the roads are all washed out and who knows when they will be back in service. He met me at the office and we headed out, Sandhill Cranes the target, and if we could bag an Owl or two that would just add to the booty. We grabbed an early dinner in Cochrane before heading out, Albert and Walter still do a great burger and beer! It was HOT with a 20-30 kph breeze blowing. The "Gloria's" were out in abundance, not always sitting willing to be "shot".
I believe that his is his mate.
It was a pretty drive evening with the heat and breeze keeping everything hidden, probably cooling off in the shade. One of the targets for the evening were the Sandhill Cranes, while they weren't where we found them last week, a little walk produced them.  They were on the far side of the lake and we had no way to approach, what we were able to approach were the nearby "beautifly's"!
This beauty looked like he might be "stuck" in the mud", but Jamie, who had caught up to us reached for it, and he flew away.
We made a run for a cool drink only to find that the local general store was closed, bummer. On the way home we picked up a second target, a GGO. This fellow was not cooperative, bit he did sit long enough of r a couple of shots.
As the evening cooled down and the breeze settled, the creatures made themselves a little more visible.
This Muley buck was just lazing around chewing his cud. This is a nice start to this fall's "lady impressors".
We were not the only successful hunters on the day, this Swainson had their favourite meal a Richardson Ground squirrel.
I believe that this was the previous bird's mate, they were sharing the fence post line. When all you have to satisfy an itch is talons like this, you want to protect your eyes.
We spotted one coyote on the rest of the trip with a series of Redtails on the hydro poles. A brief run with a dry start, but a great finish. I believe Al enjoyed himself and says we will get out again.
Have a great Wildlife week!

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