Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Every day there is a reason to visit Frank Lake (20130721)

With Kerri having photo'd a Red Knot at the lake last week I figured that Dan had hopes of repeating the feat as a Knot only visits about every three years apparently. Dan woke me up with his text and I was ready by the time he arrived. We set up in a different area than last time, and actually got to see the Knot as it vacated the area as we approached. There were Avocets aplenty.
This is likely my best photo of the day as this Lesser Yellow Legs meandered pretty close to the blind.
Every now and then one of the local youngsters would reveal themselves, this is a juvenile Spotted Sandpiper.
Our surprize bird of the day was this Black bellied Plover, a first for me.
When we popped by the big Blind at the north side of the lake we were treated to a couple of great birds, one of them is the Earred Grebe.
Other sweethearts around the blind were Ruddy ducks, both a male and female with little ones floating  around. We also saw a Marsh wren, which was a first for me, but no good sharp shots of that bird for me.
In a different area we found my first Alberta Common Yellowthroat.
The coot is always a great bird to get, their beak makes them a tough bird to get a really good shot of.
Through the day we spotted both Eastern and Western Kingbirds, but I only go a shot of the eastern version.
So I thought that I would throw in a second shot of a young Spotty!
I'll wrap up with another American Avocet shot, these are beautiful birds.
Thanks for dropping by! Dan and I had a great time with birds, not very mammals out and about, but we will get some of those soon enough. Have a great wildlife week.

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