Monday, 22 July 2013

Thrush, Bull Moose, Toad (20130720) An evening drive with Kerri

I have to apologize as I have been down with a cold for the past two weeks so there has been little opportunity to be getting out. With the opening of the road into the park,and around the loop Jamie had told us that there was significant damage in the area, so we had to head out for a boo. We started the trip looking for the Hoary Marmots that Kerri has spotted on occasion in the area. I'm afraid all we were able to dig up were a couple of Columbian Ground Squirrels.
 I managed to find a Nice Buck for Kerri and she took some fine shots of a young doe. We took a ride into a pond that she keeps an eye for a frog and toad population. There was no activity in that area, but on the way out we spied this Swainson Thrush.
not a very good image, but enough for an ID. It was busy gathering chow for the little ones.
I'm afraid it is another poor image. I was about to show Kerri where my latest publication was taken when we spotted a nice Bull Moose. While we were getting into position for some shots I found this Boreal Toad.
Kerri was better positioned and took better shots, you can see them here at her flickr site:
Other shots from the trip are there as well.
Here is a shot of the reason we were out of the truck.
Here is a shot of him up on all fours. He was watching as a few other people that had stopped and came down for a look.
On the way out we found more deer and as it was getting pretty late we found this bull,  he has a larger set of antlers started, but I believe is a younger smaller moose @120mm.
My buddy Jamie is always asking for me to find him a bull moose in water, sorry buddy, but here he is.
He was just out for a late evening drink, from the looks of the tracks around it seems like a popular "drinking hole".
That was our last photo opportunity for the evening. A great night out for us! I hope you too had a great wildlife weekend.

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