Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Common Yellowthroat, Gladiolas, Pheasants (201608-mid) Some around the house shots.

Well I was looking today and it has been about two weeks since I put anything up here for folks to look at. Its not that I haven't bveen shooting, but getting new stuff is tough this time so year. Here is a Giant Crane fly shot on our bedroom wall. This guy is pretty big 10-15 cm, was successfully released.
Next up were a couple of young Black-throated Green Warblers which were bopping around in the flower bed after some much needed rain.
It was great to be able to shoot these little fellas from right in the house.
We were hurrying around the house to get out to Mom's place for a ballgame. On the ride out to the highway we found Bob hanging in the neighbourhood.
On the sixteenth we were pleased to see Mom Pheasant return to the yard with her 5 chicks.
Here is a shot of the "ever on alert" Mom, keeping her family safe1
Even Bob put in an appearance to ensure the family was doing okay!
Its not hard to see how this youngster will soon be looking "just like dad!"

This next series is due in part to yet another rescue on the deck. This little Juvenile male Common Yellowthroat was spotted by me in the morning. Thanks to Deb for taking the photo.
After a little time in a quiet shoe box, he was ready to leave.
I thought I would take advantage of the light and the blooming of Deb's Glads to throw a couple of images in here.
This is the first year for these beauties, and they are not your typical Gladiola. Here is a look at most of the "patch".
I promise it won't be so long before I put more images up. Take care and try to put a little "wild" in your life, until next time:

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