Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Frogs, Maritime Garter, Damsel (20160826) Taking the dog for a walk on a very cloudy day

The weather here this summer has been quite warm, so when a cool overcast day came along the puppy and I were anxious to get back to the woods. The wind had the birds well hidden, but we did not come up empty handed. Down at the double stone trussel we found a couple of cooperative frogs to shoot.
Up the trail a bit is a little water hole that hosts more of these little beauties.
There were several other these small critters in a small space. Here is another.
As we neared the "end of the line" for this stroll I found these little flowers that are called Lady's Thumb (Persicaria maculosa).
On the way home we found this little fella doing his "sit-in" on this very small floating raft in a little pond.
We also had another wonderful surprise, this beautiful Maritime Garter snake.
This is the first Maritimer that I captured with the beautiful "copper" tones on the back and sides. Here is the rest of the snake that was laying on the inside of the rail bed.
As we neared the car, we were happy to find this gorgeous Ebony Jewelwing Damsel fly.
It was a super walk that we will be repeating from now until the end of Snapper egg hatching season. Put some "wild" in your life, it will do you good!

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