Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Goldfinch, Hummer (20160820-21) Mom comes to visit

Well Mom has come out to visit for another weekend and that means that another fishing trip is in order.
I was derelict in my duties on our last fishing trip and didn't bring my short lens so I didn't get any photos of her in "action".
Of course the puppy had to come along, she loves the boat. And, she is always willing to lend a helping hand when someone is bringing in a fish.
We had a great day on the water even though Mom didn't do as well as last time. We had some fun with tangled lines and watching for wildlife. For almost 85 she is doing pretty well. With the fishing done, and when its time to load the boat, I try to make certain that she's comfortable.
The next morning I spent a little time on the deck and was rewarded with this ittle sweetheart grabbing a drink from our bird bath. It was Mom's but she wanted something she could lift and clean herself. This concrete model wasn't meeting that requirement.
I think that turned out pretty well considering I was shooting through the glass panel of the deck. This next image is poor due to the distance it was shot at. I caught this Osprey and Bald Eagle having a little mid-air conversation.
Hummers are always tough, but this youngster was very close, and I wasn't really prepared for the conditions. I didn't even notice the ants until I was processing the photo.
Here is another angle that I found to be interesting. Not the best images but it is always great when you can get them on a flower.
The male Goldfinch also showed up for  a drink later in the day. I took this shot out of the bedroom window.
A little later in the day I was also able to capture this young Nothern Flicker working the yard for food.
While fishing may not be wild enough for some folks, Mom finds it enough of an adventure at her age. That just proves that you are never too old to put a little "wild" in your life!

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