Thursday, 11 August 2016

Yellow Crowned Night Heron, Yellow Legs, Common Yellowthroat (20160808) A first trip to Hartlen Point.

Angela G has been wanting me to pop over to her backyard to do a little birding for the past couple of months. With several recent sightings of a bird I have never had the privilige I made arrangements to head over in the morning. With warnings of water and muck I decided that the puppy would be sitting this one out. Angela also arranged for "B" to join us, and she too was a pleasure to spend some time with.  Lots of Song Sparrows accompanied us along the early part of the trial. We walked under this Osprey nest, Mom and the family were sticking around the area.
As always, even if we are birding should anything else show up I am more than happy to take their picture. This pair of Whitetail bucks were curious of us for a a minute or two. Love the reddish coats this time of year, along with a little velvet.
Thanks to Barb (B) for identifying this Alder Flycatcher for us. It was quite a distance off.
I can't resist the chance to capture Dad Osprey bringing home something for the family to eat.
Another bird that didn't provide us a close encounter was this Cedar Waxwing, I took the shot anyway.
Then as we decended down towards the "bay" we started finding young warblers. I am uncertain as to this specific bird, I do love the little green lunch it is about to enjoy.
This young Common Yellowthroat is a little easier to ID. It too provided us a lovely viewing.
I believe this is quite a pale Clouded Sulphur. I don't see any spots on the wing though.
Then we were able to spend a little time with the whole reason for my visit to this beautiful little spot. The Yellow Crowned Night Heron put in an appearance.
We spent some time watching it preen and soak in the sun. This is probably my best portrait image that I shot today.
While we were watching this fella, this Least Sandpiper put in an appearance. So it got its portrait taken as well!
The Ycnh "popped" over to start feeding. Here it is grabbing a small crab from the water.
As we finished up the stroll along the beach this Lesser Yellowlegs posed nicely for us.
We also found this beautiful Willet. It did not stick around long so I only have a "going away" shot.
Our final bird at the "Point" was this male Goldfinch.
Anglea and I extended our stroll a little and went looking for a couple of local Wimbrels. On the walk into the area we found this White Admiral.
While we found the Wimbrels, I was unable to capture a dsecent shot. These skittish birds are difficult to capture, but here an "evidence" only shot. Complete with a little meal.
I'll wrap this post up here, its been a long one due to the great subjects we were able to find. Thanks to Angela G and "B" for super opportunity to put a little "wild" in my life!

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  1. Lovely photos Paul...I especially love the one of the YCNHeron eating a crab--fabulous lighting. Nice to meet you! B