Friday, 8 August 2014

Birds of Prey (20140804) Supplemental 1 from Last Monday

When you are heading into a relatively new area you are always anxious to start finding subjects and try and determine the viability of spot. An early Merlin escaped our cameras but this Sainson was happy to sit and watch us a bit.
Next up was this long distance Kestrel. Although we were in the shade the bird landed in the sun and just looked great.
We spen some time with this Great Grey Owl, while not as approachable as some this was perhaps the most natural environment that I have found one in. No fences here.
Everytime I think of this next pair of birds I get a little perturbed. Two Prairie Falcons on fence posts and we didn't see them in time to stop. The my focussing method gave me headaches. I only consider this an "evidence" shot, not much more.
Here is a slightly different angle on the Furreginous Hawk, I also cropped this one abit. Kerri has better images as she was able to capture him right at take off. You can find her Flickr page here. You will see many of her shots from this trip on that page.
Next up was our first Golden Eagle, it was soaring way up there. Not much chance for an acceptable shot. Now our second Golden flew right over the truck. I had to get stopped and get out to grab an image. You can see that it is carrying something to eat.
As you can see we by the time I was able to get my shots the bird was flying right at the sun. You wouldn't really expect a bird of this size to get harrassed too much, but this smaller raptor was all over Goldy here.
The smaller raptor chased Goldy here all the way across the valley and the bigger bird actually landed with its meal. We could see where it had landed and our shots revealed the bird "panting" in the heat.
So the raptors that escaped the image capture were the Redtails and the very first BOP the Merlin. You cna expect to see two more supplementals from this day, one of the Grouse and the second of the Muley Bucks.
Get out into the wild somewhere this weekend, it will do you good.

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