Monday, 18 August 2014

Swainson"s and Dragonflies (20140809) Last Bluebird trail trip of the year.

A sunny Saturday morning at a leisurely pace had me picking up the "uncle" for a trip around the Bluebird trail. This trip was primarily to purposed to clean out the boxes and do a final check for fledglings. The heat from the day kept most birds and critters at bay although we did find this trioof youthful Swainsons sitting on a hay bale with breakfast which I expect came courtesy oc mom or dad.
Mom aand dad were present as well and announced their presence with a flyby.
Here is a slightly different angle.
We had spotted one GHO in a far off the road grainery, and a couple of Mule deer during the rest of the ride, it was pretty quiet. We stopped in Longview for some jerky and lunch and headed home.  While in the back yard I found these Dragonflies on my tomato plants. I don't really know them very well so they all fall into the same bucket as far as I am concerned. This was the smallest of the three, "The Grey".
The largest was this fellow "the Red"
And lastly, Colornel Mustard.
I know thast there are Dragon, Damsel, and Skimmers, but I don't know them at all. If anyone could properly ID these I would be grateful. Just drop acomment on the post, and everyone could then learn.
A pretty slow uneventful day, but even at home you can find some small wildlife to shoot occassionally.

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