Friday, 15 August 2014

Shorebirds, shorebirds (20140802) Another Blind morning.

Hopeful after a very positive scouting session on Friday we were on the road early hoping for a fabulous day. Isn't it great to get on the road full of anticipation?
One of our earliest, and most frequent visitors was this small Phalarope youngster.
We spent a lot of time with some young Blacknecked Stilts running around us. Here is a typical shot. They were very entertaining!
Not certain of the make or model of this young tern, but I do love the colours that it presented.
around behind the blind there was activity as well. Every hour or so a Harrier would make a pass behind us and get all the birds excited. This little Marsh Wren also put in an appearance.
The wind and cool weather finally got the better of so we zipped the blind up for a half hour and hoped the wind would come down. When we opened back up for business, this gull was sitting right outside:)
 Another of the youngsters that put in an appearance was this young Spotted Sandpiper. I initially though it was some other bird.
It wasn't all birds today as I did grab this image of what I think is a Cabbage Butterfly.
With wind and threatening rain we decided to pack it in. We of course always find something on the way home and today was no different. We found this Western Kingbird, which again is, I think a new bird for the year. I think this too is a juvenile.
To wrap up the day and the post I'll throw in this image of an Upland Sandpiper. I have been wondering where to find one of these all summer.
In spite of the weather we still had a terrific outing and were home by 2:00 for a cool beverage. I hope everyone gets out to the wild to spend some time with nature.

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