Sunday, 17 August 2014

Muley Bucks (20140804) An unprecedented third supplemental on the same day

Well here it is, yet another supplemental post of the Holiday Monday trip out with Kerri to the south of the province. We had been finding  the odd deer here and there and even an occasional doe with a fawn. We had taken some shots of a trio of bucks early but the conditions were far from ideal. We then happened upon this beaut. While not in the best light he would be the highest "scoring" likely of any buck we found today. To find the trophy's you have towait for the bucks with antlers that extend out passed their ears.
This fella is already there and still has at least 4 to 6 more weeks of adding length. This is a large antlered Muley. We had just returned our eyes to the road when 5 or 6 more backelors appeared from below and crossed the road. This is the largest of that group, and while he loos impressive he is only a 3x4 and lacks the symetry and sheer size of the first. Kerry has a great shot of him jumping the fence her Flicker page.
Our next find was another terrific treat; 5 Muley bucks that had been hiding in the shade of the rocks presented themselves to us. Here they are one at a time. NUmber one is a nice young buck.
The second buck looked a little smaller.
Number three was pretty impresive,complete with a drop tine on his left side.
Number four was again a youngster, but would some some first time shooter very proud.
And then number five seemed to be shyest and the largest of the group.
Then as if on que they turned and headed to the top of the hill. Here is number three with a nice blue skyline behind him.
Then he received a little company. It was a great viewing opportunity.
I just couldn't quite get all five of the boys into a single frame. What a great experience.
Early this evening I had been speaking with Zel and he said; "all you have is birds!", so I had to show a little fur. I hope you enjoy seeing them half as much as we enjoyed taking the images.

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