Sunday, 31 August 2014

Grouse, Pica (20140824) Out with the Lynx Lady

Well after my Lynx encounter yesterday Kerri and I were pretty certain neither of us would be seeing another "cat" anytime soon so we resigned ourselves to perhaps finding a different kind of carnivore, so we headed out to grizzly country. Our morning started with this very relaxed cow moose feeding along side the highway.
We were also keeping an eye open for some weasels as Kerri might have had a good lead on a location. We did find some weasel feed, Kerri is a sucker for Picas. So we while we were searching for weasels, we had to shoot these little sweethearts.
Our next capture was this little Spike buck. He was very unconcerned with our presence, we shot him and left him to go about his day.
Up the road a bit we found a very cooperative Redtail. They normally don't sit still like this for me. You can see from the sky in the background we had a very low light day with almost zero dynamic range for these types of shots.
Next we had yet another Dusky Grouse family. This hen had at least three chicks that fed alongside the truck in the ditch. Here is one of the chicks.
Mom was walking along the bank keeping an eye on the little ones and us as we snapped shots. Kerri didn't even need to get out of the truck to capture her shots.
Kerri was pretty sure they were Spruce Grouse, then about 5 miles up the road she received a very good look at what young Sprucie's look like. Here is a youngster in the small ferns.
Here is a golden hued Sprucie hen with one of her little ones! What gorgeous birds!
Next we ran into a small herd of Mountain sheep, ewes and lambs. It was really nice to be able to shoot this ewe with the Fireweed in blossom.

Our final stop netted us some Red Necked Phalaropes, although you could never guess by their current colourations. Here is just one of the many we spotted.
We had a terrific day with several surprises, you can't beat that. The Lynx lady and I will be out again together soon. Have a Super wildlife day!

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