Tuesday, 3 March 2015

GHO, Mallards, Grey Partridge (20150301) A Sunday morning walk at FCPP

Well Sunday morning again and another trip down to FCPP. Two owls nests have been spotted, and will be monitored quite closely by many citizens. It was to be a chilly but beautiful morning for a a walk. On my way into the park I spotted these two Grey Partridge doing great "rock" imations.
One of our first birds on the walk was this European Starling, this is a certain sign of spring, they are some of the first birds to return.
Here is the dad of the first nest Owls. He and his mate have put up with a lot from FCPP visitors over the years and always take it in stride.
I was very fortunate to grab a quick image of this fly by of a male Common Merganser.
Next up is this nice Mallard. I am afraid that I struggle with these brilliant birds.
The sun  can really creeate havoc with their glossy heads. Yet anothr attempt of getting an acceptable image of these plentiful ducks.
Given where the second Owl's nest is located I am surprised that anyone has actually found her. In this shot she actually has her head elevated quite a bit.
Here is her mate. This is another resident pair of the park that have hung out there for years.
I love this section of the park as you can almost always find the little Red-breasted Nuthatches here.
I'll finish this post up here with a final Mallard image. I love how their "green" heads turn blue in the right light.
I hope that this week you will have the opportunity to put some wild in your life!

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