Thursday, 12 March 2015

Moose, elk, surprise (20150310) A trip with the uncle to the Ranch

It had been some time since the wife's uncle and I did a trip so I gave him the option of where he would like to go. He opted to take a chance on finding a drumming Ruffed as opposed to an almost guarantee of Snowy owls. We were well into Sharptail country when we found these two bull moose. I believe Jamie and I have seen this pair during other visits to the area.
At the end of the road I couldn't resist this moon-set. It was a really bright moon that we had been watching since we left the house.
We swung past all of my Ruffed birds and there was no one out and about. We did find this herd of Elk at one of my usual spots.
The birds we actually pretty scarce on all fronts. We were finding the usual Magpies, Ravens and Chickadees. So when this pair of Whiskey Jacks provided us an opportunity, I took it.
On our second pass through the area, we still found no grouse but this herd of Muley's had taken up residence where the Elk had been just 90 minutes before.
There were also Sheep in the area but the heat shimmer didn't allow for great images. With hunger pains striking the uncle pretty hard we headed back to town for lunch. I will close this post out with a little teaser of what I did in the evening hours of today.  Here is my first shot of a Swift Fox, an endangered specie. I will be doing a post just on these beautiful animals soon, so stay tuned.
I hope that you too get to put some wild in your life soon!

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