Friday, 2 September 2016

pheasants, Smallmouth Bass, Merlin(20160828) A fishing trip with Len and Bizzy.

While waiting for brother Len to show up for a bass fishing trip over to Fenerty lake the resident Pheasant  family showed up for a few shots. Here is one of the brothers and sisters of this years brood.
Here is one of the sisters getting ready to ruffle her feathers. I have the whole series but won't fill up the blog with those images.
Then Dad showed up and showed his colours (pearl, copper, red, yellow, blue, purple, green, black, and grey). These are truly beatiful birds. The purple feathers on his breast and belly follow all the way down to under his legs. If you look close you can see a little turquiose between his feet.
So now let's get down to doing a little fishing. But before we even get to the lake I spotted this wonderful Merlin lurking in the trees, watching for the opportunity to grab a meal.
 We were greeted at the landing by this Black Beauty. I love the speculum on these birds and the lilac coloured reflection.
It didn't take long for Bizzy to settle in and grab a spot to take a nap.
Len was "Da Man" on this day. He outfished me about 4 or 5 to one. Here is just one of his many nice fish.

The other critters that were putting appearances today were the big flies. Here is wonderful Dragonfly. The yellow life jacket made a great background. Len actually snapped this image.
Here is a pair of red coloured Dragons, that is Len's shoulder they are sharing.
Here is another of Len's fish. I really like how the water "coats" the fish even though it is above the water level.
Here is definitely my nicest capture of a Damsel fly. It is standing on the end of the paddle. this image is cropped pretty hard.
An action shot of yet another of Len's fighting friends.
I found this image to be interesting. I find it nice how it demonstrates how the water surface will distort "whateever lies beneath".
I'll wrap this post up here with beautiful American Toad that Len encountered as he was using the facilities.
Overall another successful day of putting some "wild" in our lives.

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