Monday, 11 February 2013

A couple of new birds on our walk (20130210)

Our Sunday morning started with a bang. It was a cool fresh morning, with a nice bright sun to provide us additional optimism.  We had just nicely got started when three Pileated's Woodpeckers.
It is truly amazing how red these brush style heads are, just brilliant. Here is a little closer look of one the birds. This is a female as there is no red moustache.
We spent quite a while with two, but they were well in the woods and getting closer for a better show was not on the agenda, so we continued on. Not too far down the trail we spotted this Townsend Solitaire. While we were clicking away at this specimen, it's mate was checking us out from over our shoulder.
Down the trail a distance and this Juvenile Goshawk popped up into a tree over the river.  What beautiful camouflage it has for the area it hunts in!

We managed to work our way around for a little better view (that's tough to do when there are 20 people!) and I grabbed this image as it left us.
So those were our three sweetheart birds of the morning. Of course I have to throw in one of Canada's bird.
It was a great morning. I am thinking I'll take Don out for a cruise for Snowy's this afternoon. I hope everyone is having a great wildlife weekend!

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