Sunday, 24 February 2013

House finch, Varying Hare, Boreal Chickadee, Golden crowned Kinglet on a Sunday Morning walk (20130224)

It was looking like a fabulous morning, bright, -8C supposed to rise up to +5C. The Weaselhead did not let us down. In the parking lot manage to get a good look at this pair of House finches.
There were also a few Blue Jays flying around, but I couldn't get one out in the sunlight, so I had to grab one that was feeding in the shade of the trees.
As we started out we found Redpolls, Downy's, Chickadees and Nuthatches. For the first time in a long time         managed to grab a shot of a Varying Hare (Snowshoe rabbit) while we were out. It was terrific to get a shot like this, had I been on my own, I would have spent a lot more time trying to get a better shot.
We were fortunate enough to get to see 4 or 5 Boreal Chickadees, this is not a very good shot, but I thought that I would throw it in anyway.
Not too far from the Boreal's we were able to get our eyes on a Golden Crowned Kinglet. This is a better shot than last year's, but I still need to improve my opportunities to get these birds captured.
We had Bohemian Waxwings flying over us all day, but none of them would light near us so we could capture a couple of images. Just as spooky was this Juvenile Northern Goshawk.
Wrapping up our "tour" we were present with a very cooperative Pine Grosbeak, she was willing to pose for us for quite a while.
While "tallying" the score at the end of the walk were were rewarded with a larger flock of White winged Crossbills, here is a Juvenile male, you can see how he still has some of his youngster yellow on his neck.
Here is an image of a mature male.
Overall a great day, just as we were finishing up the clouds started to close in.  I hope everyone has a great Wildlife week!

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