Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Don's first Snowy (20130210)

Over the the past couple of weeks I have been speaking with Don about getting out for Snowy's. Our walk ended a little early this morning sow we decided to see if we could find Don's first bird. We were just getting into our 8:30 bird vicinity when we grabbed this unit.
The birds were particularly spooky today, we didn't a chance to get in close on any of the birds today.
Don was in for a real "treat", as it turns out.  After our first bird we were able to spot a different bird about every 15 minutes for the first hour. Not only were we seeing birds, they were presenting themselves in many venues. Here is a shot of one on a large wooden power pole set up.
Kids and animals will make a liar out of you every time, right. I was just telling Don how the Snowy's prefer the single poles when we spotted this unit on a three wire set up.
We took a short break from the owls to grab a couple of shot so some Horned Larks, another first for Don.
After another owl I took Don over to the Redpoll spot so that he could set up his 800, on the tripod.
Overall an exceptional day, Don not only got his first Snowy but seven more to go along with it. We saw three of the birds a second time. I believe he had a great time, and hopefully grabbed himself some fine images for his collection.
I hope everyone had a great wildlife weekend!

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