Monday, 1 September 2014

Barred Owl, Swainsons, Townsend Warbler (20140830) Gotta love the eastern slopes of K Country

It had been a while since we had hit the Ranch for a good solid morning of shooting. With nothing particular in mind, although it is always nice to find a moose or two, we headed out early. Just before daybreak we found this juvenile Swainsons Hawk on an old thrashing machine. we spent 25 minutes with him as we kept gaining more and more daylight in order to get better images. Here is one of my favourites.
We found some Mountain Bluebirds and other small units. Just on the border of Kananaskis Country a real surprise, another first for the Blog. A juvenile Barred Owl.
At first I thought it was a young GHO, but very surprised when Jamie announced it was a Barred.
While our encounter was VERY brief we both managed to grab a couple of images before it disappeared among the trees.
This is just my second Barred, my first was 12 years ago in British Columbia. It is always great to find a new bird for the blog to share with my viewers. I hope you enjoy the shots. 
This next little fella is a Lincoln's Sparrow, not new to the Blog but the first for this year.

Next we spent a little time near one of the many little water holes in the area. I managed to grab this peek-a-boo shot with a Townsends Warbler. My only other Townsends was last year in California.
There were quite a few birds. I caught some shots of yet another Wilsons Warbler. This Wren provided a super viewing opportunity.
I also picked up this Warbling Vireo. This is one of my favourites of these little birds.
On the way on the home we picked up a few more great items. Here is an American Kestrel sharing a branch with a Northern Flicker.
We found several more juvenile Swainsons in the area. We spent quite a bit of time with this one.
Well on our way home my eye caught sight of this beautiful Black Bear. It was just sitting in the Aspens trying to keep cool. This was not a very large grove of trees.
This was a fabulous little find. We had just a SUPER day, that turned up with some new critters for the Blog and your viewing pleasure. Come on out to Calgary, and we can do a trip together.

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