Monday, 10 August 2015

Bald Eagles, Juvenile Junco (20150807) A fishing trip in the neighbourhood.

Ever since we have moved in I have been itching to get fishing in the lake that you can see from our road. Thursday night was a Stewardship meeting held by the landowner of the gated road with access to the lake. I attended, made my purchase of Key and maps and donation to the NCC. So Friday morning Len brought the boat around so we could do a little liquid exploring this time. We were enjoying sun and catching a few fish when we spotted this fine figure of a feathered friend.
We were ready for his departure as we trolled on by. This bird is only about one year away from being fully mature.
Len commented, "this is great, almost all of my eagle shots are in the winter!".
Next up was trio of nice Black Duck hens. This isn't a first for them on the blog, I shot them in Toronto last winter.
As we made out way around the lake a second time I was able to grab a quick image of this Juvenile Dark-eyed Junco. I was pretty happy with the results from a motorized moving boat.
Our final good opportunity for the day was this mature Bald Eagle on the far end of the lake. We had observed it "fishing" and it had moved off with our approach. It must have been a favourite haunt as I captured this about 15-20 minutes later as it returned to the same tree.
All in all a very successful day. We learned a  lot about the lake, and grabbed a few images to boot. We are both looking forward to seeing what the fall brings as far as colours go. It should be a super spot to shoot on a calm day with the foilage in full autumn colour. Till next time, be certain to put a little "wild" in your life!

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