Thursday, 6 August 2015

Black-throated Green Warbler, Red-eyed Vireo, Whitetail (20150724) An outing with Len

Well this is one of those "catch-up" posts.
Len and I had planned to get out for a bit of an exploration run on Friday. While I was waiting for him to appear I was standing on the back deck and having an excellent morning.  With the usual suspects around I wa very happy to spot my very first Black-throated Green Warbler. This looks like a young bird.
One of the usual suspects are the Blue Jays that hang around. These corvids are welcome as they were tough birds to get close to in Alberta.
Another set of regulars is this family of Northern Flickers. There appears to be 4 youngsters and both parents hanging out here steady. Here is a shot of three of them.
Then I received another "new" yard bird. This beautiful Red-eyed Vireo put in a brief appreance.
About this time I got a call from Len. He was close by and shooting the local "white deer" that I have yet to see. So I jumped in the truck and headed over to see if the deer would "hold" until I got there. No such luck. But I did find this beautiful Common Yellowthroat.
I also did find this Whitetail doe that was traveling with "Whitey". So the trip over was not a total loss :)
I gathered up Len and took him down to where I found the Yellowthroat, and he managed to get some great images of that bird as well. We headed out on the road and found the rare "pygmy" bear of the Maritimes.
We wrapped the day of exploration up wih this beautiful butterfly.
We had a super day, both individually and when we finally did get hooked up for some exploring. Len has sent me a couple of the piebald deer images to share with you.
And a second.
Hey, this week-- put a little wild in your life!

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