Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Brown Creeper, Hares, Bees (20150810) A little time in the yard.

Well, it was a lovely day here today so I thought I would just spend a little time in the yard again just to see who would appear. I have always had a soft spot for Chipmunks, so I am pleased to have a couple in the yard.
Then I spotted a Brown Creeper, for the second time, in the yard. I find these birds very tough to shoot. They are always moving and never seem to be in the light.
Another "creeper" of sorts, here is one of at least three Red Squirrels in the immediate area.
Another new "yard" critter that we have been seeing, but I haven't been able to capture has been the Varying Hare.
The suet feeder has been very active with all our woodpeckers. Here is a shot of a youngster Hairy. His red markings are slowly making thier way to the back of his head where they belong.
Of course the Hummers are still warring, but occassionaly two of the ladies get along well enough to share a feeder.
Our surprize flowers are now in bloom, and both the Hummers and bumble bees love the tiny flowers. I was fortunate to grab two bees together in a single shot.
Later in the evening I looked out and spotted a second "Bunny" for the day. This time I made an effort to get some shots and it was quite accommodating.
I finished up the evening with this White-breated Nuthatch. It took about three weeks before I spied one around the feeders.
That will do for this post, so I will sign off here. Be certain to put a little "wild" in your life this week!
Oh, I meant to include this shot of a pheasant that I spotted in the neighbourhood. None in my yard yet, but they will come :)

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