Sunday, 2 August 2015

Ruby-throated Hummingbirds (20150802) Some shots at the house

Well I have been procrastinating way too long, and my backlog just continues to grow so I decided that I would take a different approach to getting caught up on all my recent trips. In order to not fall even further behind I have to decided to start posting up to date material, and add in the historical stuff as I get some time.
I hope that no one will mind the disruption in the chronological time continuum:)
So here goes. Last weekend up I finally purchased a small hummingbird feeder for the house. I had seen a male perched out front from time to time and thought that I may be able to get him ready for the migration south. Well after about a 3 or 4 days of watching his behaviour I decided to get a second feeder so the girls could feed as well. In just 2 days they emptied the feeder. So I moved it out back yesterday with the hopes of watching them feed from the porch. I think the results have been pretty good so far.
The girls went just crazy over the new location.
I have found that it is a real challenge to try and capture these tiny delights even in good light.
As is always the case, depth of field is really tough on these VERY small subjects. Yes you can get close, but even with a 300mm lense they still take up very little real estate on a full image.
Add to that the challenge of grabbing them in flight, this is a TOUGH assignment.
I can tell that these little subjects will become an obsession for me, if they haven't all ready!
It haa been about 17 years since we had a great crop of hummingbirds around the house. That was well before I  picked up my camera again and started shooting.
Well I am certain you are getting tired of the same subject matter, so I will offer up just one more shot,
I hope you enjoyed the post. This week be certain to put a little wild in your life! Turbo

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