Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Magnolia, Blackburnian, Green-throated, Yellow- Warblers all (20150816) A walk with Sharon and some yard birds.

The Bride's sister came to visit, and it was a rainy deary day. Before her arrival I was able to "catch" two "new to the Blog" and "new to the yard" birds. I was watching a small yellow bird "chasing" the humming birds in the tree tops, so I grabbed my camera and headed out into the rain. This first bird is a Magnolia Warbler, a bird I was unable to capture this spring.
This second bird was a real "find" as I thought I wa still shooting the Magnolia. While reviewing the images I found that I had actually finally captured a Blackburnian. Sorry for the poor quality, it is definitely an evidence shot.
On Sunday, Sharon and I did a little trek around the neighbourhood and found this little Black-throated Green Warbler. we were in some pretty dense forest.
We also managed to find this little/young White-breasted Nuthatch. The shorter bill to me indicates a juvenile bird.
We also had a wood thrush, but I couldn't grab any successful images. We did however find this small toad.
We also managed to find several bull frogs in a small pond. These amphibians had me thinking of Kerri, she would have loved to spend some time at the pond.
We finished the walk up with this little red-legged grasshopper, that posed on the road for us.
Before Sharon left on Monday I was able to get two more yard shots. This first one is another Black-throated Green Warbler.
Yet another "new yard bird" this week was this little Yellow Warbler.
So I am learning the birds in the area, and really looking forward to seeing more of the fall migrants as they appear. Of course a favourite yard bird is the Hummber. I include a shot here as I am doing some experiementation with my 18-105mm lens.
Put some "wild" in your life this week, it will do you a world of good!

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