Friday, 21 August 2015

Pileated's, Blackburnian, Black-throated Green Warbler.(20150820) More backyard birding!

Well it all started with a really close "laugh from Woody the woodpecker", so I knew there was Pileated close by. I saw it fly off a short time later with no images. I was out on the backdeck (observation platform)speaking with my brother Len when it re-appeared. We hung up and I went looking for some "evidence".
Then I discovered that there were actually two.
I followed them around for a bit, but the light was pretty brutal. So I only have a limited number of "keepers" from the encounter. Here is a shot of the female (looking very skinny in my opinion) doing a little "wing work".
Normally these two birds would not have instigated a "post", but then the canopy kind of came to life and I spent the next hour or so shooting much smaller birds. Like this Blackburnian, just about to land on the branch in front of him. There were two of them chasing each other through the boughs.
Other "guests" included Black-throated Green warblers. 
And, what would be a brand new bird for the blog, and the yard, a Northern Parula. 
Here is another image (much improved over my first two) of the Blackburnian. I am anxious to see these little fella's in the spring when their colours will be even more vibrant. 
Here is a shot that I have never taken before. There are four warblers in the top of this one tree. I believe that there are two BTGW's on the left, then A Blackburnian the the far right bird is a Northern Parula! 
Next up the Red-eyed Vireo put in an appearance.
So, what started with the laugh of Woody turned into a productive 90 minutes on the deck. So, whether it is; on a drive, sitting in a blind, or just sitting in your backyard, be certain to put some "wild" in your life as soon as you can!

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