Friday, 11 March 2016

Chipmunk, Landscapes, Kinglet (201603-early) Some shots from around the house

Well I am finding it hard at this time of year to get a lot of targets in a single day so you will likely see several composite posts that cover several days. So we shall see how this goes for total content. Here is a image of a terrific little visitor the other day.
We were fortunate enough to have Eric Boultier-Brown present at the Dartmouth Photo Society at our latest meeting. He did a presentation on macro photography and shooting flowers in ice. I think it might have inspired these next shots, although they are not Macros.I'd call this first image Water and Ice
Down at the lake we had some pretty windy conditions the day before with dropping temperatures. Here is Ice Weeping Willows.
At the west end of the lake I was able to find a couple of Chickadees. They had a little company in there "band" as I was also able to find this Golden Crowned Kinglet.
I was able to convince him to show me his red patch on the top of his head.
A couple of days later I headed out to the Pipit place again, hoping to find the Harlies. This time I took along Laurie Ann and Alistair.
They weren't the only ones capturing images of the Pipits I grabbed a few of my own.
We swung out passed the third beach to find very little birdlife. We did see some mink tracks but not much else. On our way back to the truck we popped in to see the Pipits again. Here is a shot of one hanging around in the seaweed.
A shot here of two birds, showing just how well they can hide in this environment.
The next day I took a stroll out to the east side of the tracks to see what I could find on the now semi-fresh snow. Here is a shot looking west; the tracks to nowhere.
Down the tracks a little way, I found these tracks and with the deteroation of a day or two they were tough to ID. They imprints were 6 to 8 feet apart, then a little further out I found out that they were actually Showshoe rabbit tracks.
I flushed a couple of Ruffed Grouse but didn't get to actually see them. I'll wrap this post here and see how long it takes me to get enough images to put another together. It shouldn't be too long as I try and put a little "wild" in my life every day! Turbo

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