Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Eagle, Goldfinch, Leucistic Robin (20160313) A trip up the valley for some new spots.

Saturday night I decided to head out on a NSBS field trip with some of my new shutterbugs (Clarence, Alistair, and Laurie Ann). LA was driving and we arrived a little early so we had the chance to visit a SEO area, no birds present, but I now know where to look when I'm in the area. The field trip was pretty crowded so we headed out on our own to see what we could find. We swung over to Blominton and on one of the deadend roads we were treated to this Eagle.
Some feeders near the road netted us an early Grackle that didn't wouldn't hang around for an image but a few of the American Goldfinches provided opps.
Whenever you are near the shoreline and you get an opportunity to grab images of one of the archways present take the shot! You will go back one day and they will have disappeared thanks to time and tide.
Just up the road we were treated to a view of three arches so in this case I listened to my own advice and grabbed this shot.
Then we had a terrific spot of this Leucistic American Robin,  a first for me.
I managed a second image which provides a peek at some of the breast.
Laurie Ann got the best image of that unit by far. We then took a walk to a waterfall location and were disappointed with the lack of water. Clarence spotted this Kinglet which everyone enjoyed trying to capture an image of.
We finished the day up at Miner's Marsh which will become a familar location here in time to come. One of the local mallards was nice enought to allow a portrait.
It was a super day with some super company! Take sone time to put a little "wild" in your life, it will do you a world of good!

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