Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Iceland Gull, Harlequin, waves (20160322) Another sunny morningtrip for the Harlies

While Sunday didn't provide the opportunity I was hoping for it was a great day. Tuesday was being forecast with  nice sunny morning once again so I was ready to try again. Flying solo today it wasn't quite a cold temperature wise and the wind was howling from the west. On the drive over I was considering that these ducks would soon be leaving, and they may not be there. As I started getting close to the shore I could see some beautiful wave action going on.
I can tell that this will be a type of photography that I will be investing some time in. I don't know if I have the right equipment right now, but it was wonderful shooting this action.
I had already thought the trip was worth the effort as this was a terrific find!
Well it was time to see if I could find my target species which didn't take too long.
This is the first time that I have found them frolicking in the "foam".
These conditions, I soon discovered, were very difficult! No only are the ducks swimming, but the waves are making them bob and weave. Add to that their tendency to dive in a flash, and the wind blowing at 40-60 kph, it was tough shooting. I did manage a couple of images though.
Then the Purple Sandpipers put in an appearance. 
Next up was this beautiful Iceland Gull that did a fly-by. A pretty nice looking bird for a gull.
Here is a final look at the trio of Harlies that kept teasing me for more than 90 minutes.
What a wonderful morning! Here is another Wave shot, you can expect to find more of those coming in future posts. 
Other sightings were Long-tails, R-B Mergansers, a Canada Goose, and what I believe is a Black Scoter. How is that for putting a little "wild" in my life?

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