Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Harlequin, red-breasted Merganser, Seal (20160320) I can't believe it has been a week!

Well after the success Len and I had last week with the Harlequins I have been waiting for a sunny morning to go back and see if I can't get some better images. Laurie Ann has decided to come along to Prospect as she has never seen the Harlies before. It was to be a chilly morning with -7C temperature but breezey with a wind gusting to 40 kph. We were greeted as we unloaded by this Song Sparrow.
We were able to find two pair of Harlies but they wer quite a distance away. While we waited to see if they would work their way over to us I was able to grab a new bird for the blog. This is a Red-breasted Merganser female.
As is the custom here, a new critter deserves a second look, so here she is following her mate.
I have shot these birds on other occasions but the images were not worth posting. I am looking forward to getting more images of these skitish birds in the future.
I was also able to spot a Seal in the area while we were keeping an eye on our main target. I only saw it surface twice, so I was lucky to get any image at all.
Laurie Ann spotted this pair of Harlies just sitting not too far from where were set up. I worked my way over to see if I could get a decent image, but as with last week the sun location just worked against me.
The pair swam of after a little while, so we headed home. The weather was fabulous and the company was super. When I got home I found a couple of the locals willing to pose for an image or two. I haven't posted this guy too many times yet, the Red-breasted Nuthatch.
Of course a BCCH was present and willing.
After a brief chat with Laurie Ann she was willing to provide me with a couple of images. This first one is of a Black Duck coming in for a landing. 
She also shot the Harlies and had better results than I was able to manage. 
It is easy to see why we invest a little time in trying to capture images of these gorgeous little ducks. 
That is how we put a little "wild" in our life on a Sunday morning! Do the same soon and you will feel better for it!

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