Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Red Phalarope, American Pipits (20160229) Yet another search for a Harlequin fails.

With continuing beautiful February weather I was hoping to get out and find a Harlequin or two. I met Angela and we headed over to meet with Diane and Shawn, who were going to be our guides for the morning. We started out with a walk up to Chebucto Head. The overlooking bluff is a great spot to search the ocean to see what is around. Black Guilimon's were around, with some gulls and here is a group of Eiders.
We headed over to Crystal Crescent beach to see if we could find a Harley to photograph. We arrived uneventfully and began our walk. As we were passng through "beach 3" we found these American Pipits.
I am used to trying to find these birds during migration in the spring. But apparently they have spent the winter here eating kelp flies.
The group allowed me to move forward on my own, the result are my personal best Pipit images. I was very grateful with their willingness to hold back for a few minutes.
After posing for me these birds flew back in front of the rest of the group and provided them with a photo opp.
This Greater Black-backed Gull seemed right at home on this large boulder. The lighthouse in the background is a sight I will be getting used to here in NS.
There were no Harleys to be found and we headed back to the truck. As we were leaving the last beach the ladies found this little beauty.
A Red Phalarope, apparently the first time in Nova Scotia that one has been entered on the "dead of winter list". Luckily today was leap day and the list goes on until the end of February.
As I believe this is a Blog first I will add a couple of other images. While not the best they are decent ID photos.
It was a glorious suny day here in February. Apparently a highly unusual month for this part of the country. I don't really care, the fine weather made it more comfortable to put a little "wild" in my life!  Try it, you'll like it,

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